Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lindt Truffles

I have always loved chocolate ever since I was young. Chocolate cakes... chocolate ice cream... chocolate cookies... chocolate milk.

And this is one irresistible and just heavenly chocolate treat. Lindt's Lindor Truffles. These truffles come in three different varieties. But this is the assorted pack we got .

The red balls are the milk chocolate variety; the blue is the dark chocolate; and the yellow, the white chocolate.

Each of these rounded little fellas is packed with all the chocolatey goodness that just bursts into your mouth and explodes into a frenzy of delicate creaminess. So distinctly Lindt. So delightlfully luscious. Toothsome.
With Lindt's Lindor Truffles, you always know what you are gonna get. The best chocolate experience.


  1. OMG, favorite ko to!

    Gaaah! craving!

    (neeners from GT, fellow Pinky addict ^_^)

  2. nina, diba super sarap sha.. as in talagang melt-in-your mouth goodness!
    medyo mahirap sha hanapin here in manila no? san ba meron, aside from Rustan's?

  3. gita,

    there is lots of those chocolates here in Canada.

  4. There are lots of chocolates here in Poland but this is one of my favorite chocolate brand. I remember my husband gave me one box of lindt last valentines day and I cant stop eating yummy talaga!

    Choco fanatic karin pala sis Gita?

  5. a!, just a few kinds ang gusto ko... this one, yung bars ng cadbury specially the fruit and nut, tsaka plain hersheys kisses and their extra creamy kisses variety. yung ibang mga klase, di ako mashado crazy about.

  6. bernie,, in that case, pasalubong ko ha, pag nagbakashon ka and your family! hahahaha....

  7. o sige na nga! heto na lang ang pasalubong(lindt's or Cadbury Fruit & Nut) ko sa iyo pag meron akong umuwi na relatives diyan. btw, great blogging about your pets and PINKY. ang iyong net friend.

  8. Whew! Pareho tayo gusto ko din fruits and nuts sa cadbury nammiz ko na yun..walang cadbury dito. heheh! Ingatz!