Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Philippine Army Museum

I had a couple of free hours after lunch today and I thought maybe I could drive around and find me a place to shoot. As I was driving thru Fort Bonifacio, I then remembered visiting The Philippine Army Museum last year so I headed there for another look.

Unfortunately though, the museum was closed and under renovation due to a fire that hit an area on the second floor not too long ago. Reopening of the museum is projected for next year.

But all wasn't lost because because right beside the main museum is a whole yard full of tanks and arsenals on display for everyone to see. I had a blast firing my camera away!

I am so not into these military terms and weapons and tanks but these huge cold, metallic killing machines make for interesting photo models. I wish I could tell the names of each one of these but I can't, because I don't know. Some signs were up beside some of the tanks. It would crack my brains though if I try to memorize each one.

This one was a bit easier to remember though... the sign said "Samaritan Ambulance". Now that is something I can understand pretty well.

This was the only gun pointing upwards. My guess is, it is use to take down flying targets; so it is most likely an anti aircraft rifle.

They call this the Howitzer.

(view from behind)

(view from the front)

(and a view right through it)

Miko had a blast posing with it, on it and beside it. She had fun.

As I was leaving the museum, I saw this spectacular view of the vast parade grounds of the camp fronting the Grandstand, and I just had to take the shot.
The Philippine Army Museum is right here in the Metro. Maybe it is not too much for us if we could spare a few minutes of our time to pass by and re-visit our history.


  1. Another great pics! Kayganda din pagmasdan ng mag pinky:st dolls mo..heheh!

  2. thanks a! nasunburn ako dahil sa kakatake ng photos! lunch time ba naman yan. ahehehe.. pero when i saw the shots i took afterwards, nagustuhan ko naman ang mga pictures and natanggal lahat ng pagod ko. :-) Miko, my pinkyst, said thanks. :-) silang mga dolls ko ang best models, a!. kasi kahit ibilad mo sa araw, walang reklamo. hahaha..
    thanks for passing by today!

  3. i love how you include miko in your photos! suddenly, your photos take on a different dimension. :) way cute!

  4. thanks for dropping by val! yea, the little dolls come with me to work everyday. i try as much to include them in my blog. they add a tad of humor and charm, dont you think. :-)

  5. sis dami nyo na adventure ni miko. :) nag iiba talaga shots mo pag nandun sya.

    tanong lang sis saan mo ba nabili dolls mo and magkano?

  6. thanks sis. kasama ko talaga sila everyday. i try to bring at least one of them to work. para ready kapag may biglaan fotoshoot, naks...

    a set of pinkyst sells for P500. ang laman, isang doll at 2 sets ng damit, plus a few accessories like a bag or a teddy kitty or pom pom balls.

    a store named Special Toy Center has a few items. but some pinay collectors order online. meron din daw sa Rustans. buy na! :-)

  7. Firstly, based on your photographs, this park/museum seems very well-maintained and a good place to visit. I will put this on my list.

    Secondly, is that her name, Miko? Cute! I like the way you integrate a couple of shoots in your photo essay!

    I had just made mention of your site and Miko on my recent entry.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to the Philippine Army Museum. Do they have any festivities planned for the upcoming independence day holiday?

  8. ive just been to your site senorE, thanks mucho for making mention of my blog. really appreciate it. Miko (yea, thats the name given her by Pinkyst homepage) sends her thanks too.

    unfortunately bro, your trip to the museum might have to wait. like i said in the blog, theyre closed until next year daw for renovations of the areas damaged by the fire. itll be worth the wait, though, i sure. but the yard where the mean green killing machines are, is open. :-)

    sorry, i wouldnt know about ID ceremonies to be held there, though im sure there will be. specially at the grandstand. they always do. :-)


  9. may ganit pala tayo sa metro manila. di ko talaga alam.. akal ko sa pma lang merong ganito karaming tank..

    magandang location pang field trip ito para sa mga kiddie... Ü

  10. Nice place. Me museum din pala sila. I surely would likt to see those tanks! Those are cool dolls I've seen them as well.

    Bloghopped from Senor Enrique :D

  11. thanks for dropping by, ferdz. well, i guess we all have to wait until the museum opens up next year after the repairs. great blog you have! i linked you up na ha... see ya around!

  12. ganda naman ng action figure mo... saan nakakabili non??/...

  13. hi rhodyl! thanks for visiting my blog. anyway, ginagalugad ko pa ang maynila looking for more of these dolls. sa mga Special Toy Center na stores, there are a few models. may branches sa Festival mall at Greenhills. meron dn sa Rustans. meron din online. hirap maghanap. konti lang available dito eh... cute nila no!

  14. i love it.. ganda ng pagkakuha...

    i havent gone to philippine army museum (puro US army lang alam ko, heheheh).. pag may time makavisit nga.. hehehehhe thanks sis for the info..

  15. thanks for liking the shots. nachambahan, hehehe..

    anyway, next year pa mag open ulit ang main museum. pero yung mga guns and tanks, pwede pa din lapitan. visit kayo ha.