Sunday, May 13, 2007


I can never be able to thank her enough for bringing me into this world.
...... for working hard in her youth to make sure I get the best education I need
...... for all her sacrifices in making sure my path to life would be the least winding and perilous
...... for all her selflessness in putting my welfare above her own
...... for shielding me as much as she could from life's harsh realities so that I may grow up to love life despite all its adversities.
I know I don't say it that often, Ma, but thank you for being my mom. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Touching article sis!

  2. Bata pa pala Mama mo, Gita! I bet your Mother's Day was a truly wonderful one :)

  3. hey senorE! thanks for dropping by. my mom would be delighted with your comment. ill make sure she hears that. youre right, we tried to make it a wonderful one for her. :-)

  4. aawww! na miss ko tuloy mom ko.. ala kasi sya dito pinas.. kelangan nya magwork abroad...

    swerte mo po kasama mo sya sa mothers day...

    have a great day!!!

  5. dont be sad sis. actually, ang liit na ng mundo ngayon diba. our loved ones abroad are literally just a button away. isang pindot lang sa cellfone, kausap na natin sila.
    minsan naman, it is not the distance that matters. whats more important is that we are able to send our love across the oceans.

  6. houseband00, im not a mom yet bro. pero thanks anyway.

  7. Ooops, sorry, Gita. =)

    It's for your Mom, too, then. =)