Friday, May 4, 2007

The Oblation Revisited

Having had that wonderful lunch at Chateau Verde and still with half of Rommel's birthday ahead, we decided to tour the University campus. Passing by the Oblation once more, I couldn't resist taking a few more snaps at it.

I noticed that it was garbed in this loose piece of clothing. My husband and brother in law, both alumni of UP, told me that this is the sablay, a sash worn by the students upon their graduation.

The cloth bears the colors University's official colors, forest green and maroon. Across it is inscribed the letters U and P in Alibata, a pre-Hispanic Philippine writing system that originated from the Javanese script Kavi.
Upon graduation, the sablay is transferred from the right shoulder to the left of the graduates.

The Oblation never fails to mesmerize me each and everytime. It is an awesome subject, indeed.


  1. I wore my Sablay proudly during my graduation a few years ago, but never knew that the alibata inscription there stands for the letters U and P. Thanks, doc!

  2. By the way, your shots are amazing! Are you sure you're not a professional fotog?

  3. mochi08, gee, thanks for the very kind words... im really flattered. no, im just a hobbyist. i dont even have a DSLR.. i just use a point and shoot camera... ive always loved taking pictures ever since i was small.

    these were taken when my husband, who is also an alumnus of UP, took me around the campus. (UST alumna ako eh. ;-)) the oblation is one amazing piece of art. any photographer would fall in love with it and instantly have an affair with it. hahaha...