Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pavilion

I always see this structure on my way home when I pass by C5 Road in Taguig and it has always intrigued me as to what it is. This morning, I got my chance at exploring it.

I was suprised to find out that this was a columbarium, a public place where cremated remains are housed in individual compartments or niches.

Actually, columbariums are now being constructed one after another in the Metro. Apparently, the Catholic Church has already approved of this relatively new practice of cremation. Though for most catholics, I would guess that traditional burial methods are still preferred.

This columbarium is located at the Heritage Park in Fort Bonifacio. Miko was just as excited as I was to check out the place.

This is the focal point of the place, the Main Pavilion, a two-storey structure which houses niches of up to 18 layers.

There are two sets of stairs symmetrically located on each side of the pavilion.

Entering the Main Pavilion, I would guess that this is an adoration area of sorts. All the walls of the the corridors and passageways are lined with niches, some indoors, others outdoors.

There is so much Chinese/Japanese influence in the design and layout of the columbarium as evidenced by this large censer (incense burner) in the center..

There are three gates to the place, each ornately designed as this one.

These little lanterns hang attractively from the ceiling of each of these entrances.

A well maintained and well tended landscaped area makes the whole place even more picturesue.

There is even parking space provided for. Though I would be doubtful if these spaces are ample enough during All Soul's Day.

The places exudes such air of serenity and tranquility fit for a place where we inter the remains of our dearly beloved. Wether columbariums will continue to proliferate in a catholic country like ours and eventually change our tradition, remains to be seen.


  1. Ang cute ng photo with the dolls! :)

    San exactly to in Fort Boni? May entrance fee or what? Or do you have to call beforehand?

  2. sis mindy, the entire place is a memorial park actually. tapos ito lang Pavilion ang tall structure dun. very interesting kasi so pinuntahan ko. i just drove in thru the gates and walked in dun sa building. may guard sa gate, dinedma ko. although i dont think may entrance fee chorva.

    sa pavilion mismo, may guard din. bawal nga actually ang photo op eh. maselan daw some chinese. pero shempre, same old style ko, i charmed the guard para to let me take photos. chinika ko ng husto! ayun, pumayag! i guess it still works. hahaha...

  3. sis mindy, sorry i forgot to mention kung saan, daldal ko kasi... it is along C5 mismo. lampas ka pa ng market a little bit if your going south. sa area ng Fort Bonifacio. you wont miss it. kasi mataas na building sha. the only one sa memorial park.

  4. So, that mini doll goes with you everywhere? Hehehe ... cute!

    So this is how this place looks like. There is a photo contest going on there today:

    I didn't join because I have another appointment. The photo contest was a way to promote this place, I think.

    BTW, Gita, have you thought about resizing your photos for a faster upload? Just a suggestion.

  5. senoreE, actually, i have four of three of these little darlings which i take with me everyday. just one of them get to come, unless it is a big scheduled shoot. kung wla naman plan, i just take one packed in a very tiny plastic box where the parts fit.

    thanks for the tip. should i resize to 400 x 300 then? i use kasi 600 x 450.. still to big i guess. hows the 400 x 300 then?

    thanks for dropping by.

  6. Ay, okay na pala yang pagka resize mo! Don't mind me, I just mention this to all my fellow photobloggers.

    Ang cute talaga ng idea mo, Gita. I'd like to see that mini doll -- at least even one picture or two -- at every place, resto, shopping mall, spa, or wherever you go! Nakakatuwa! Para siyang isang biyahera ... hehehe.

    I want to feature this doll and site of yours in one of my upcoming posts para matuwa silang lahat. So please, do one more post with this cute thing gallivanting somewhere so I can link with my upcoming post :)

  7. senorE, glad to know you like the dolls. actually, ive just started collecting them. one week pa lang ako into these cutesy pinkydolls. and first outdoor shoot namin ni Koko ang Pavilion...

    i do intend to bring them with me in every shoot. pero shempre, may mga serious shots pa din ako plus the girls' poses. hehehe...

    ill try to set up another shoot with them this week. ill see what my sked permits.

    again, thanks for passing by... :-)

  8. great photography! i like the places that you visited in our own country. Its so nice to visit museums and going to places where we can learn a lot from history. amazing blog. i love reading it...