Monday, May 14, 2007

Market! Market!

If there is one mall I like going back to, it is Market Market at the Fort, Taguig. Why? Because it always has everything I need every time. If I am not mistaken, it is the only mall that has both a wet market area and a tiangge area. People of all ages would enjoy going to Market Market even to just while away their time.

The mall is relatively new and fresh. The interior design is modern and the high ceiling adds vastness to the place. It has 5 floors all in all, with three corridors per floor filled with your usual suspects, the same stores you may see in SMs or in Robinson's malls.

The clotheshops, the toyshops, the sportshops, the electronic shops, appliance shops, banks,, the coffee shops, internet cafe and even health clinics! Plus, I am glad that it has Mercury Drugstore; not one but two oulets. Its main mall is Metro, occupying all 5 floors at one end of the mall.

At the ground floor, all the three corridors converge to this spacious area where a stage is set and ready for mall shows and mall tours. Exhibits are also held here.

There is an indoor Food Court.

And not to forget, the Cinema Floor at the 5th level!

In the basement is the grocery which has an international goods section. A food court to one side offers a great snack place before and after doing your grocery shopping.

For my Dad, his regular Bingo pass time is right here.

The more popular part of the mall is the tiangge part. Each floor has its own tiangge theme.

And who wouldn't be happy to have a cellfone tiangge right in the mall!

Let us go to the Outdoors. There is a fairly large playground for the kids on one end of the mall.

These attractive artworks caught my attention.

On the other end of the mall is the "market" side.
There are various kiosks like these for native delicacies.

Everything here is fresh... fresh veggies...

Fresh flowers and plants...

Fresh fruits....

and even grains...

Dining in the outdoors won't be a problem with all these choices...

When tired from walking, catch your breath in these circular benches that seem to be guarded by animal topiaries.

One good way to end a trip to Market Market is to relax and enjoy this colorful "dancing" fountain .


  1. ni minsan di ako nakapunta sa market market ng araw! how i wish makapunta manlang ako na daytime.. heheh. ng makita ko naman ang ganda nya talaga... Ü

  2. baligtad naman tayo sis, hehehe.. kami naman ni Fafa, usually hanggang 5-6 pm lang dun, tapos uwi na before gumabi. :-)

  3. Humanda ang Market Market pag nagbakasyon kami sa Pinas! Thanks sis for granting my request... More malls please...

  4. Maganda nga ang mall na ito! Ibang iba sa ibang mga malls. Mukha ngang it caters to every need.

    Thanks for the info. Great pics too! :)

  5. Lovely pics, Gita! =)

    Jan din kami madalas mag-ama nagpapalipas ng init.

  6. sis rhodora , ito ata ang dapat na may slogan na "we've got it all for you" at hindi SM. hehehe...

    houseband00 we mustve bumped into each other at one time noon. lagi din kami ni hubby dito eh. lalo na pag may opening na blockbuster film, hehehe...

  7. ayala malls are better than SM, IMHO.

    love their 'green' mall concept

    I don't really love malls but i'm waiting for the opening of Trinoma near my place in QC

    facade looks like market! :)

  8. Market Market is owned by the Gaizano families from Cebu. They owned many malls in cebu too for long time now. I never been to Market Market when I had a vacation in manila last year..hope makapunta manlang ako. One of there biggest mall din sa Cebu is located in ayala center cebu.
    By the way, nice pic sis!

  9. tutubi , i agree. medyo dated na ang dating ng mga SM malls no.. same old design and layout. lalo na ang megamall.
    balitaan mo kami about Trinoma ha...

    a! , thanks sis. i did spend one whole morning shooting around the mall. tough! pero worth it naman. kelan? nung opening ng Spiderman3, after i got our tickets nung 9 am (first 20 ako sa pila, hehehe) for the 4 pm show, i had nothing left to do but shoot. had a blast!
    bakashon ka ha!

  10. Wow! What a huge mall. Never been there.

    This goes to prove that contrary to common belief, there is actually loads of money in the Philippines. Otherwise, how will they support so many gigantic malls offering the same stores and merchandise at such close proximity to one another. Also considering the fact that without traffic, it only takes 20 minutes to drive the entire stretch of Edsa end to end.

    Nice pictures! Good to know they allow photographing inside.

  11. SenorE , i didnt bother asking the management for permit to shoot inside the mall. hala bira lang ako ng shooooot! hehehe.

    pero dun sa market side with the stalls, i was polite naman to ask the permission ng salesperson. :-)

    im happy with the malls around... im just a tad worried that the malls are owned and run by the same names and families. :-)

  12. Heheh, why ask, you got away with it.
    It might be a different story up here in the US. After 911 everything seems suspicious.

    Really great pictures (of - course)
    I don't think they have anything like this here in Pennsylvania.

  13. thanks will. i really worked hard at that shoot, had to spend half of my day just to complete my materials.

  14. I just happened upon your blog when I was Google-ing for the Manila American Cemetery and the Libingan ng mga Bayani (am going there today). I love your blog! It's very very informative and you take amazing pictures. I'm a photography buff myself and I just haven't gotten to organizing my photos. Anyway, I love Market Market because it does have everything I need plus the food finds there are amazing. My friends and I prefer watching movies here because unlike other Ayala Cinemas, this one is not over-priced and yet, you get more leg room, bigger cinema chairs, freezing cold temperature, clean theaters, and not much people watch movies that I like over there. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

  15. Lorie, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the kind words... have a great time at LNMB today! let me know how it goes..
    i really wanted a purely photoblog sana because i love taking pictures and i wanted lang to file them online. so i thought of putting up a blog just last year. im really happy with it.
    i like your blog too. i hope to see your photos in them soon... i added you up in my bloglist. i hope you dont mind. ;-)