Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our FlowerHorn

Meet another pet in the house, our flowerhorn. Still nameless after one year, he swims proudly at 10 inches long, tail fin included. We brought him home when he was only about 3 inches long, and we are proud at how big he has grown in only a year!

He lives alone in his 35 gallon tank, happily. Put another breathing creature in that tank and that creature is in for trouble. Don't be fooled by this seemingly innocent look. This fish is very territorial.

He is always excited to see us come home because he knows feeding time won't be long.

This is his favorite meal. It is actually his only meal. He gets fed once in the morning, and once when we get home.

After a long and tiring day at work in this scorching summer, watching our fish swimming is actually therapeutic. The grace and calm the fish exudes as he glides his way thru his tank is very relaxing.

It took a lot of shots before I could "coax" him into posing for the camera. One is the casual look... the other, the dramatic look.

He poses really well, don't you agree? Haha...


  1. hi! sis, cute naman ng fish nyo. kami din meron isda. merong kaming hito. solo din sya dati 3 sila pero pinatay nya yung tatlo. ayaw nya may kaagaw. hehehe :)

  2. People may not realize it but fish develop their own personality as well -- like your flower horn. I used to think that only domesticated pets with four legs were the only ones who do.

    I love fish tanks! Very soothing, but a lot of work, too, no?

  3. senorE , yes, it is a lot of work.. the cleaning, the refilling of the water specially so na it's summer and water evaps so quickly, tapos there is the feeding pa... but it is all worth it diba. lalo when you see your fish happy and content.

    lovingsue , some fish are very territorial talaga diba... in other words, spoiled, hahaha...

  4. Hi, : >)

    I also enjoy aquariums. I currently have four up and running.

    Great blog, so many talents.

    Thank you for inviting me to visit.

  5. thanks for dropping by, will. you have four tanks! wow, thats something! hope to see your fishpets in your flickr soon.. :-)

  6. ay. isa pang therapy yang fishy fishy na yan. we used to alaga fishy fishy. they're soooo therapeutic indeed. so quiet. so serene. so unperturbed about the ups and downs of life, heh heh

    why don't you name it TULIP? or DAISY? DAFFODIL? NEMO? heh heh. very original eh? =)

  7. sis straw!
    alamo bang natumbok mo ang tawag namin sa aming pet na ito..
    no, not TULIP, nor DAISY, DAFFODIL, NEMO... ang tawag namin sa kanya, si Fishy! ahahah. yan ang sobrang orig at talagang pinag isipan ng husto na name! hahaha...

    miss ya sis!