Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chicken Series Part III: Max's

I grew up loving Max's fried chicken. I still do. Because through the decades, Max's hasn't changed. It is the same deep fried chicken we all grew up with.

This branch along Sucat, beside Santan Grove, is one of our favorite branches. The interiors are warm and inviting, Service is fast and friendly. (And best of all, parking is spacious.)

Before, the menu only offered whole and half chicken. But now, Max's offers combo meals too. Plus, of course, a whole lot of other Filipino dishes like Kare Kare and Pancit, and more.

We each had a fiesta plate.... that's quarter of a chicken, lumpia (fried or fresh), rice, a caramel bar, and a glass of soda.

We always choose the fried over the fresh lumpia. It still is as good as ever, except that it has shrunk remarkably, thus, has less ubod and more layers of wrapping.

This little nugget of caramel cake is pretty good. It is just the right way to end a Max's chicken dinner.

Until now, it is truly "sarap to the bones".


  1. Wow... From these posts I can see that you love chicken and you definitely know how to enjoy it!=)
    Ever tried Savory? I love that old school chicken.

  2. I loved Savory when I was a kid. A new branch just opened in SM Hypermarket Pasig. The adult me has yet to try it.

    The only time I use ketchup is when it's Jufran and Max's Fried Chicken. Can't help it. The kamote fries is a good choice of side too.

  3. their chicken is best paired with jufran ketchup! sarap to the bones :D

  4. ruy, savory is another great chicken restau too... chinese style na fried chicken sha diba? when i was young, we would only go savory pag puno sa Max's. ;-)

    em dy, i dont think ill enjoy Max's kung hindi Jufran ang ketchup... i wont eat na lang. masisira ang lasa ng max's. ;-)

    u8mypinkcookies, it is jufran or nothing, diba! ;-)

  5. Yup. Medyo chinese nga yung taste nya.=) Miss ko na din yun ah.

  6. ruy, if you enjoy Savory too, there is this one other chicken house you should try, Country Style Chicken. sarap din. it has branches in Q. Ave and Amoranto. ill try to blog it when i get the chance.

  7. ahh max's fried chicken,
    another old favorite..yeah the sucat branch is a nice place with lush landcapes, perfect to walk around after a huge meal hahaha..
    i think they opened their fence to santana grove on their side so i just cross it to go there and
    have my favorite inasal at bacolod chicken...:) haha

  8. marbes, we're glad too that there is this connecting "door" to santana grove. actually, we were supposed to check out Sanatana Grove that night but parking was such a pain. santana's loss was max's gain that night. ;-)