Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

My pinky girls and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy this season of love and giving with your family and friends. No other season brings this much cheer and spreads this so much love. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hi! sis, your girls never fail to put a smile in my face. Merry christmas to you and to your family. ! :)


  2. Oh, the cute dolls! Anim na pala!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ang cute. This greeting is so very you.

    BTW, I'm just curious, what are the girls' names?

  4. tracy, merry xmas din. you can just imagine the smile they bring me pag gising in the morning when i see them all lined up to greet me a good morning each and every day. ;-)
    maligayang pasko din sa yo and to your whole family!

    senorE, maligayang pasko din sa yo and to your family. though i may not leave comments sa blog mo that often, i never fail to pass by naman. like clockwork. ;-)
    my dolls are actually 22 na, senor. hehehe... 6 lang ang kasya sa shot ko eh so i picked out lang the 6 cutest ones. ;-)

    em dymaligayang pasko din sa yo and sa family mo... hope we would all have a love-filled christmas this year!
    my girls... from left to right: Ako, Sacchin, Hana, Pucchi, Moe and Yoshiko. i decided to stick with their original japanese names than give them new ones. it is so them too. i coudlnt think of calling them any other way. ;-)

  5. awww.. they are adorable! =)

    merry christmas!!

  6. thanks, u8mypinkcookies! merry xmas din ha... mag collect ka na kasi ng dolls too, and go start your own blog... i will look forward to that. happy holidays again!

  7. May Christmas party din pala yun mga girls mo. My guys have one too.

    Happy Holidays.

  8. merry xmas..
    anu yan anime? :)

  9. photowalker, merry xmas too! wow, bagay na bagay ang girls ko and boys mo! hahaha... nag party din pala sila... cute!
    thanks for the wonderful photos, bro. they inspire photohobbysists like me to learn more.

    marbes, merry xmas too! actually, japanese dolls nga sila. some are anime based din. theyre cute no! go collect na din! theyre fun! ;-) thanks for dropping by...

  10. Wooohooo! Cutees beside a tiny tree!=) Happy Holidays!

  11. ruy, it was quite tough making them pose by the tree... each one wanted to open the gifts, hahahaha...
    a more blessed new year for you and your family!