Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tony Roma's

An occasion as special as a spouse's birthday deserves only the best dinner. Naturally, we tried to pick out the best dining place for this. And for this year, Tony Roma's was our pick.

We tried out their branch in Alabang Town Center. The interiors was bright and neat (pardon the fotos' very yellow cast... tried to correct it as much as I could in the post processing on my lafi but failed). I didn't want to sit in the regular table so we chose a couch table.

Since Tony Roma's is supposed to be famous for its baby back ribs, we opted to have a full slab of the Original and a Caesar's salad. While waiting for our orders, their complementary bread with spreads came. The bread was a bit too chewy, bordering on tough, and the spreads weren't exactly extraordinary. (butter and herbed cheese)...

Then came our baby back ribs... I was expecting a huge one, having heard that TR's serves one of the bests. But to my utter dismay, our one whole rack looked so frail and hapless. I couldn't help but wonder how this merits the description "good for two". I would have to admit though, that I liked the taste and flavor of TR's than Gumbo's baby back ribs, but the latter (4 of us shared it) was a whole lot bigger.

The salad was good too, and yet again, the serving was a bit smaller than we expected. (Italianni's still tops our salad favorites list.)

Finishing the whole slab was easy.

Will we come back? I'll probably finish my rounds of the different Metro dining spots before I would even consider going back for seconds.


  1. Thanks for the feedback. My friends and I are planning to have our Christmas dinner at TR this week.

  2. TR's ribs are ok. I love the ribs from Tagaytay Highlands! Really good! ;D Racks is back na rin, I wanna try it ulit sometime. Hehe..

    I agree, Italianni's salad are yummy! Love the Sicilian salad. CPK's salad's yummy too!

  3. I've only eaten here once, in the Glorietta branch. That was years ago. I remember loving it.

  4. gay, food was delicious naman. medyo naliitan lang ako sa slab nila and sa servings i hope you do have a great time there next week!

    u8mypinkcookies, pareho tayo! i love Italianni's sicilian salad too! ginaya ko pa nga sa bahay one time eh. i used the caesar's salad dressing of Dizon farms. not bad! yea, and CPK is good too.

    em dy, their timpla is good. i like the flavors and the spices. much better than Gumbo's in my opinion. pero medyo disappointing ang size ng whole slab nila. not quite good for sharing if you ask me. ;-)

  5. had my sons 7th bday party in their ATC branch last year..ur right, the food portions were a bit small for the price, had to add some pasta on top of the platters we ordered, but the taste was great.the service was ok, the party host needed more practicce but the children enjoyed it naman even if the party rm was crowded for 30..had some freebies too after the occassion like 2 gift certificates etc.. id rate it an 8/10..

  6. sis tulo naman laway ko sa baby back ribs. Yummy!!!

  7. MarBes, they offer bday party packages pala! thats great. food is good naman talaga. i like the timpla. pang kids party nga lang ang size ng ribs, hehehe...

    tracy, basta ribs talaga, nakakagutom no! picture pa lang, ulam na, hehehe...