Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pizza Hut Delivery

I just love food delivery services! They always save the day for me, specially when we come home late and hungry and just too tired to cook. Not many restaurants deliver in our area. Good thing Pizza Hut does. It is one of my lifesavers.

Well, the pizza may be a bit too much on the salty side; it can be very oily at times; and the pizza dough is too thick and tough.

But I have to admit that sometimes, I miss all that and I just gotta have me a slice... Hahaha...

One other favorite of mine is the Pasta Alfredo which is delivered piping hot with a slice of garlic bread on the side. I love this pasta... it is not too creamy and not too bland.

All in all, Pizza Hut delivery does deliver well. Fast and on time, and their food is hot and steaming. Just the way food should be delivered.


  1. Nakakagutom naman yan Gita. My favorite is pizza is bacon supreme. Have you tried their cheesy volcano? It's surprisingly tasty.
    Pasta in Pizza Hut naman for me means Baked Spaghetti and meatballs.

  2. I haven't eaten Pizza Hut in a while. I prefer thin crust pizza kasi so when I have some delivered, it's usually either Yellow Cab or Shakey's. I also don't like that there's too much oil sometimes in pan pizza. But you're right. Nakakamiss din, time to try it once again. Best with a Palm card, para may free pizza. Do they still have that promo anyway? And thanks to you and Ruy for the pasta recommendations.

  3. The Pasta Alfredo is also a favorite of mine :)

  4. Ruy, havent tried the cheesyvolcano yet. masubukan nga.
    the spaghetti is good too. but i prefer the meat sauce to the meatballs. pero like-est ko pa din ang Alfredo.

    em dy, if youre into thin crust pizza, try mo din Brooklyn pizza. it is a lot less salty than YCP. and they deliver customized pizza slices of your choic. cool no!
    i think PH still has the Palm promo. wala nga lang ako nun. it is not often naman that i order eh.

    gay, sometimes, when im really really hungry, i add an order of chicken wings. theyre not bad either ha! medyo on the hot side, pero masarap din. ;-) teka, nagutom ata ako.. gotta prepare breakfast na muna! hehehe...

  5. nice blog here gita, lots of pics! :)
    am a fan of pizza hut too but lately th pizzas are too oily

  6. marbes, im really more of a photo hobbyist than a blogger. kaya there are lots of pics here. enjoy!
    minsan kasi, i miss all that alat and all that grease of pizza hut. hahaha...
    thanks for dropping by!

  7. i love pizza hut's fettuccine alfredo!

    sa pizza, cheezy volcano or sausage-stuffed crust tapos bacon cheeseburger pizza! okay din yung plain crust lang. yummm!

  8. u8mypinkcookies, kailangan ma try ko yang cheezy volcano na yan... dami good reviews a... will try it next. pag natunaw ko na lahat ng grease and grime... hehehe...

  9. hope you'll like it too :D

    anyone tried the triple chicken pizza ba yun? yung bago nila?

  10. u8mypinkcookies, ill let you know pag natry na namin ni fafa.... thanks for the recomm. ;-)