Sunday, December 16, 2007

World Bazaar Festival

The 7th World Bazaar Festival ran for 11 days from Dec. 6 to the 16th at the World Trace Center along Roxas Boulevard. We were able to catch it on its last day today. People still lined up to see the bazaar.

The place was huge, bright and colorful. There were lots of shops of practically anything. From kitchenware, apparel, toys, books, audiovisual stuff, food... just about anything you find in your regular bazaar. Tianggeng tiangge.

Kids would have their own place in the bazaar in this Playland.

Christmas is definitely here!

There is a mini painting gallery in the back, as well as a stage, probably for a show later in the day just before the festivities close.

It was fun overall. A bit crowded and nothing really different from our Greenhills Tiangge and Ruins in BF... but fun.


  1. I wonder if this is a worldwide event...we had the Bazar last Dec 8 at the UN Center here...too bad I forgot about it! lol...but I will try to go next year as I used to even sa American and Japanese Bazar! Colorful photos again Doc! (I've never been at wtc there hehehe).

  2. Dang, I missed it! I usually go every year to buy gifts for my growing number of inaanaks, but completely forgot about it in the wake of the frantic pace of end of residency.

  3. giz, im not sure if it is a worldwide event. but here, i think this is the 6th or 7th year na ata.
    thanks, im glad you liked the fotos...

    dr_clairebear, yaan mo na if you missed it this year... you have your residency ender to prepare for! it will be all worth it... congratulations, doc!