Thursday, December 6, 2007

M/V Doulos

This is her last voyage to the Philipines, and my first visit. I am glad I still had the chance last Sunday. It was the perfect day for the visit, not too sunny, not rainy.

It was thrilling to see this huge floating bookstore for the very first time! People lined up to visit. Entrance fee was only P10. The line was orderly and moved fast.

Soon, we were on our way up.

The bookstore had a lot of stuff for kids, mostly. I was hoping for some medical books but only got a couple of dvds on Anatomy. Not bad, though. I was hoping to find some bestsellers and paperbacks but most of the books were Chrisitian and religious in theme.

Other stuff on sale were audio cds (most of which were still Chrisitan albums) and toys.

I had more fun touring the ship than the booksale, actually.

I just had to mention... that the comfort rooms on that ship deserve the highest award for the oldest but defintely cleanest, most complete comfort room in the land! Though built in 1914, everything in that tiny room of comfort works! Incredibly amazing!

We met this sign on our way down the ship.

It was a different experience. You can still enjoy it too because M/V Douloso is here until the 23rd of December. Check it out.


  1. I remember visiting Doulous as a kid. We bought Garfield comics and Enid Blyton books, and were even invited to a short presentation by kids who lived aboard. It was great fun!

  2. gwacie, it was really a fun experience for us too. sayang nga lang na baka last voyage na daw ng Doulos to Manila... i hope not...

  3. sa pagkalala ko high school pa ako ung last ko pag akyat jan.. simula non di nako nakapunta tuwing duma daong sila sa pinas..

    jan makikita mga rare na books...

  4. mimi, buti na lang pala nakahabol kami sa last voyage nya... first time namin to visit Doulos eh. twas fun!

  5. I've always wanted to go here!!!! Thanks for posting.=)

  6. Haven't been there either. I just noticed the bag. Good initiative for the environment.

  7. Ruy, you can still catch it until the 23rd of this month. ;-)

    em dy, i love that bag! sa totoo lnag, thats the only reason why we bought the Anatomy DVD. haha...
    i take that bag with me now when i do my xmas shopping. instead of carrying lots of SM plastic bags in one hand, i stuff them all into the Doulos bag. a whole lot more convenient! ;-)
    try to visit doulos. it is a different experience. ;-)

  8. sis I like your porma. sinong mag aakala na 40 ka na.

  9. tracyuy, thanks for the complement ha... kakatabang puso naman yan. i go for clothes that are comfy and light, lalo na pag may mga ganitong pasyalan. ;-)