Wednesday, September 17, 2008

29th Manila International Book Fair

Once again, we went to the 29th Manila International Book Fair, this time held at SMX Convention Center in Mall Of Asia.

The event gave us the chance to check out this new convention center which was amazing...

We went early to avoid the long lines at the registration.

Enter the wonderful world of books!

These shelves after shelves of books never fail to thrill me!

Universities and Colleges had their own stalls...

No matter how modern our world has become... no matter how much information internet now provides us with... books will always be here to stay.


  1. This looks great. It used to be very crowded at Megamall.

  2. em dy, yes, SMX is a great venue. so spacious and so new.
    quite similar to World Trade Center Manila.
    you can still check out the fair this weekend, i think.

  3. hay! I didn't get the chance to check out this year's book fair because I was out of town. sayang!

    I agree Ms. Gita, I would still prefer the scent of paper and dried up glue from a hardbound book than the smell of an overheating laptop.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. traveler on foot, sayang nga, dibale, there'll be another one next year naman for sure...
    see ya there next year! ;-)