Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crisis by Robin Cook

I visited Booksale the other day and I found a new book from one of my favorite authors, Robin Cook, and I am so excited to start this. His medical thrillers always keep me on the edge of my seat.

Even Pucchi is excited to start Crisis.


  1. Booksale is where I buy back issues of Vanity Fair. Recently, the branch where I go didn't have any in stock. Nonetheless, it has some pretty good titles. Last I got was Seabiscuit which I gave to a friend as a gift.

  2. SenorE, Booksale is like a haven for me. i love going thru those piles and piles of books for hours in search of a good title.
    right now, im hoarding James Patterson titles. im so loving his works! you should try them. ;-)
    thanks for dropping by...

  3. Hi Doc! I love James Patterson's works too. My favorites are Hide and Seek and Along Came A Spider. I miss Booksale! Wala akong mahanap dito sa US na bilihan ng cheap books. Kaya umaasa lang ako sa library hahaha.

  4. So we're all Booksale junkies here! I go to Booksale for back issues of food magazines... they're way cheaper than buying the current issues! I like Robin Cook, too. Have you read Chromosome 6? That's my favorite!

  5. mochi08, im a new fan of james patterson. i was looking for a new author to follow... tapos ko na Cook, Koontz and Higgins Clark.. i happened to skim scan a patterson book, 1st to Die and i immediately liked it. bought several titles from him. im so excited to start.\
    teka, all Booksale books come from the states diba? wala pala second hand books dyan?

    Gay, oh yes, ok lang ako to tambay sa Booksale any day, anytime.. hahaha.. Ive read all fo Cook's books. loved them all. itong Crisis nga lang, unfortunately ang least liked ko. pero ok pa din...
    yea, chromosome 6 is one mean book! basta Cook, love ko. ;)