Friday, September 19, 2008

Rice In Color

I went to Market Market to buy rice at my suking bigasan. It has been a while since I last visited and I was suprised at how much their store has expanded.

There were a lot more varieties available!

Not only were there more varieties available, they also came in various colors and color combinations!

I have yet to try these colorful B-herb coated rice. I never knew rice came in such various colors!

I would definitely be going back to my suking bigasan sooner than I planned.


  1. What's behind the idea of coloring rice? To enhance the taste and appearance? Does it make them more expensive? Huling-huli na talaga ako sa balita LOL.

  2. bertn, it is also my first time lang to see these colored rice varieties...
    i havent tried them yet.. will do soon. probably to enhance lang the nutritional content... im not sure if there is added flavor...
    ill let you know after i try it.

  3. Wow! Interesting think I won't eat any type of rice other than jasmine...

  4. yup, they did expand and improved their place... i love buying different kinds of rice variant there... :)

  5. lalaine, ive never tried any of the colored ones either... but maybe i will next time... it would be something new on the table.

    mikky, ill try them next time. which variety do you suggest i try first?

  6. Those are just a few rice varieties, more than a hundred thousand rice cultivars exist from all over the world. I wonder how they all taste. Imagine, I've been doing a lot of rice research but I've never tasted any of them! The malagkit sungsong is familiar for me, it's really a traditional cultivar in the Philippines and has a gene I was interested in a few years back.

    Do buy the colored ones and tell us all about it.

  7. gay, ok, as soon as i get the chance, ill get a couple of those colored ones. they look so pretty kasi eh. maybe the blue and the green. ill let you know how they taste. ;-)