Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bag Organizer

Having a big bag can be difficult sometimes. I often find myself rummaging thru my stuff inside my big bag trying to find my car keys, or my wallet, or even my mints that seemed to have gotten lost inside!

A bag organizer does exactly what it promises. Organize.

With lots of pockets and compartments of different sizes, I was able to fit my stuff and arrange them for easy access.

From cluttered (left).... to organized (right)

I simply arrange all my things in it, and stuff the whole thing in my big bag and I'm ready to go. Now I can say goodbye to clutter.


  1. i like the organizer and the black bag above.

  2. penumbra, naku, very practical talaga the bag organizer. hindi na ako madalas makalimot ng gamit, joy. hehehe... dati kasi, sabog inside the bag kaya i couldnt tell by looking kung anong hindi ko dala...
    and yes, i love that black bag... it can carry all my stuff kasi. ;)

  3. Hi Ms. Gita, just wondering where you bought your bag organizer? thanks! :)

  4. Anonymous, i got this at SM... i would suggest getting the "stiffer" kind, though. saw some in market market. stays in place better than this. this one crumples a bit kasi and doesnt stay in shape well. thanks for dropping by!