Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ma Mon Luk Revisited

We found ourselves revisiting Ma Mon Luk along Quezon Avenue last week and this time, we had their famous siopao.

It is not surprising that I read a lot of raves about this siopao. It surely is one mean siopao. It is bursting at the seams with the pork asado... and with the itlog inside....our pancit canton had to take a backseat at that time.

This surely wouldn't be our last trip to Ma Mon Luk. Well, don't just stare at it... Go and have one now. You won't regret it.


  1. Oooh, great with their beef mami with lots of siopao sauce all over the siopao and the mami as well!;p

  2. Wow! busog na busog ang siopao!!! We love siopao a lot, since I dont know how to make them I order lang sa pinoy na marunong nyan, (1euro each) order ako 30 hehehehe...

    I suddenly missed yung siopao na gawa ng tita ni harold, wala n sauce kasi nasa meat na yung lasa ng sauce, nagmigrate kasi sa london lol...anlaki p nyan sa pagkaahwak hindi pa un ung buong siopao =D

  3. I wish I discovered your site long time ago! Your posts and photos are so cool! =)

    Expect me to drop by more often.

    Chun Valencia

  4. kaka-miss din food sa atin. buti na lang meron din dito ganyan! everyday pork bao! hehehe!

  5. ruy, i have to try it with mami next time...

    giz, try this when you come for a vacation. sulit. so sarap. i didnt even have to use the sauce too. and they say the mami there is great din... perfect combo nga daw eh.

    shalum, yes, it was really yummee...

    syel, wow, im sure masarap din dyan...

    penumbra, diba halos pang lunch na ang size.. and yes, theyre very very delicious... sulit!

  6. chun, thank you so much for the kinds words. and yes, feel free to come back anytime. youre always welcome here!

  7. the siopao looks absolutely great

  8. gourmandtales, it is. it absolutely is. you should try it. ;-)

  9. For a smaller serving, there's TeVanj in Davao. :) You can buy the siopao in boxes.

  10. thanks for the info, weyn. will keep that in mind. ;-)

  11. kung gusto mo matikman ang mini siopao ng Tevanj, pwede kita dalhan, nasa davao ako ngayon..