Sunday, September 14, 2008

Avilon Zoo II

presenting....the stars of the zoo.... in no particular order...

.... and there are much much more animals to see....


  1. wow ang gaganda ng animals, sigh di ko pa rin napupuntahan yan waaa

  2. Hi! I really want to go there too! Thanks for the post. Incidentally, may family came over to Manila and we went to Zoobic! Super fun din! Highly recommended!

  3. my 2nd kid loves animals... he really had fun when we went there... lots to see and explore... :)

  4. penumbra, thanks. im glad you like them... ;-)

    pusa, kinda far pero ok naman the zoo. try visiting it, but never during the rainy season ha...

    shalum, i hope to be able to visit Zoobic too... medyo far nga lang... ive heard great raves about it.
    thanks for dropping by...

    mikky, im glad he enjoyed.. there was really so much to see...

  5. wyatt, thanks, im glad you like them. ;-)