Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oody's Bagoong Rice

I paid Oody's a visit so I could try their bagoong rice.

Nice presentation.... very colorful.... very appetizing.

Red sili... cucumber and lemon slices, beans, eggs and marinated beef slices... it cannot get any more colorful than that!

Condiments are right on the table to help you adjust your dish according to your taste.... more chili... sugar... soy sauce and vinegar...

The pandan tea, I didn't enjoy. It was bland for my taste and wasn't as refreshing as I hoped it would be. I wish I had ordered soda instead.

The bagoong rice wasn't bad but it didn't have me jumping up and down after the meal. It was just alright. I've had better. Another trip to Oody's? I'll think about it.


  1. Bagoong rice? Hindi ba maalat masyado 'yan? Hindi pa yata uso 'yan nung araw. I know some people love to put bagoong with their rice but I don't believe they serve them pre-mixed then. Masubukan nga 'yan pag umuwi ako.

  2. bertn, hindi naman maalat. basta magaling magtimpla, tamang tama ang paghalo ng mga flavors.. sweet, salty, spicy... pag uwi mo, try SR Thai. one of the best bagoong rice. wag Oody's. ganda lang sa picture. ;-)

  3. Ate di ko pa na oorder yung bagoong rice nila. I don't know ha pero parang may nagbago na sa quality ng food nila. hindi naman ganyan before. Even sa serving. Kunti na lang. :(

  4. lemonandmint, well, ok lang. nothing really really special. mas masarap pa din sa SR Thai... wala nga lang kaming tyempo to go SR...
    2nd trip ko to to Oody's pero hindi pa din successful...