Monday, September 15, 2008

Avilon Zoo Part I

It was a sunny Sunday morning when we left for Avilon Zoo. It was so far from Manila that by the time we got there, the clouds had had nuff time to volt in and start a downpour.

Not even these cloudy skies kept us from reaching our destination. But these muddy lanes that were trying to disguise as roads almost did!

At last, we reached Avilon Zoo...

The place was peaceful... out in the countryside... far from the noise and pollution in the city.

Walking thru the zoo was very relaxing. It would take you closer to nature.

Aren't these cute!!!

Let us now take a walk and see the stars of the zoo...


  1. i like your photos esp the last one

  2. joysky, that last one was the flooring of the corridor to the exit. the design caught my eye din... so i took the shot. liked it too...

  3. Looks like a good place for a retreat.

  4. wyatt, it actually is. brings you much much closer to nature...

  5. I like your shots.

    Where is this Zoo? How do you go there commuting from Manila?

  6. Photowalker, nakupo, i have to warn you.. medyo malayo... we had a ride that time so medyo hindi ako sure sa directions eh.
    just google it. some maps and directions are available online.
    i have to warn you agan na very bumpy yung road (if you could call it a road at all) papasok sa entrance... as in putik talaga... kalabaw na lang ang kulang, pusali na!)...
    but the zoo proper is worth naman the long trip.