Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Bags

I've always used medium to small bags... I never really liked big ones. They are difficult to carry, heavy and are just too bulky.... until, I saw this at the mall.

Made of sturdy material, with solid but fashionable design, and very very red, it was so hard not to fall in love with this bag. It combines functionality and chic, for me, at least.

The zipper at the tops opens into a huge space that lets me carry everything I need and more. The inside has lining... has zipped compartments, cellphone pocket, flat pockets...

The tiny spikes at the bottom side of the bag gives it a stable base.

I said goodbye to small bags. Now I need not leave stuff at home only to find myself needing it in the middle of the day. Because with my new bag, I carry everything with me, everyday.

I just had to have a black one too... same style, same size. I don't think I'll ever go back to using small bags anymore.


  1. Hehe. I'm a big bag person. Welcome to the club. Ahehe.

  2. shalum, oh yes! big bags are so much more fun pala than the little ones! hahaha...

  3. Hindi ba mas tempting ang bigger bag sa mandurukot at bag snatchers?

  4. bertn, that was what i thought too. noon. but i guess it would reall depend on how your carry the bag, how sturdy the material is to stand up vs slashers and the design. i picked one that zips and apposes tight.

  5. I'm a medium-large bag person, meaning I like my bags big enough to tote my stuff but not so big that it looks like I'm lugging a maleta.

    Shalum is definitely a big bag person! That girl carried a big bag on her wedding day - white, of course, to match her gown. ;-)

  6. gwacie, me too. not naman the bayong type of bag... i want mine big enough for my things, not my closet! hahaha...
    i want it big but slim, not bulky under the arms...
    and i want it RED... ;-)