Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luk Yuen Revisited

After a trip to Ma Mon Luk, a revisit to Luk Yuen in Greenhills couldn't be far behind.

Siopao and pancit again for our meryenda, just as good, just as filling. The siopao was much smaller than Ma Mon Luk's though, but definitely wasn't short on taste.

The pancit is a recurring character in our order list. It has a unique flavor to it; must be the combination of the sesame oil and the shiitaki mushrooms in it.

This definitely won't be the last of our LY trips. Good food, good prices. Easy on the tummy and easy on the pocket.


  1. Weakness ko yung siopao at pansit but not in combo with each other. I usually pair siopao with siomai.
    Pansit is a "stand alone" meal for me LOL.

    I'll have to keep notes of all the places you feature here so I can check them out when I visit Pinas.

  2. bertn, naku, sobra takaw kami kasi eh... the more the merrier.. in any combination! hahaha..
    thanks for dropping by always...

  3. i love asado siopao with the red colored filling than the brown one

  4. gourmandtales, i like both. basta siopao. hahaha... so takaw. but it has to be the right timpla. i like it a bit sweet and not too salty save for the itlog na maalat inside. yum!
    thanks for passing by...