Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chapel of the Holy Family

Chapel of the Holy Family. This chapel was built right in the heart of Greenhills shopping center. The airconditioned and expensive interiors are easily seen thru these glass doors and glass walls.

From across the chapel is a tiny park, a patch of landscaped green with a miniature fountain and a waterfall, a few benches and a walkway.

Surrounding the chapel are the shops, tiangges, restaurants and cafes. Virra Mall entrance is to its immediate right.

I have never heard mass here ever. But I always see a large attendance of Catholic churchgoers here every sunday. So large is the crowd that it spills over the entire space fronting the church during mass. So much so that passing thru becomes a struggle for the regular shopper.

For some, Sunday is for relaxation. For others, Sunday is for the Lord. And still for others, Sunday is for shopping. And for some, it is all that. I am still trying to understand why a church was built right in the center of a shopping complex. For convenience maybe?


  1. That reminds me, I have to go to Fully Booked sa Promenade; the books I ordered have arrived na daw.

  2. hehehe, glad to know the post was able to somehow remind you about your order.

  3. In my opinion, they built the chapel so people will shop after hearing mass. I remember seeing Mass being offered at SM North, SM Mega and at SM San Fernando. It's a marketing gimmick. If you let people go to the old churches, then they are not a captured market. But if they hear mass in the mall, "huli" !!. So, is that using religion or a catholic excercise to market products? I don't want to look into the good and bad of it and create a series of comments that may put me in a bad light.

  4. hi bernie, glad you made it.
    i could have said more about that too, because i feel so strongly about this, but i decided otherwise. the truth is, that post took me the longest time to finish. i had to be careful kasi. oh well...
    basta, do drop by always ha. :-)

  5. yung ibang familya, sa katamaran, pinagiisang lugar na lang yung spiritual at carnal desires nila. pero mas masahol naman yung inuuna ang shopping sa spiritual. kung ano man yan, nasa tao na kung ano ang tingin niya. basta ang mahalaga, huwag sila maging salot ng lipunan. huwag silang kakalatkalat at diretso sa bahay pagakatapos ng kung anuman ang inuna nila. mga misis, nagsaing na ba kayo? mister, pagkatapos mong magplantsa, yung labada mo isampay mo bago umulan.