Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Corregidor 2005

The heat yesterday made me suddenly remember about our trip to Corregidor last 2005. That summer, we had balikbayan guests over, my sister in law, Ate Arlene from Honolulu, Hawaii, and their uncle, Uncle Manny, from Melbourne, Australia. We thought it best to take the opportunity of taking them to Bataan and to visit the place too for ourselves.

We boarded the boat at the harbour at the CCP Complex early in the morning
It was a less than an hour trip across Manila Bay to Bataan. There is a small open deck area on the boat where you can stretch your legs a bit during the ride if you get bored.

Little buses like this take you on the tour of the Island. A tour guide is assigned for every bus. Understandably, all the tour guides are old men, who have colorful tales to tell about WWII.

Once the bus starts to move, you are then treated to a trip back in time.

Cannons... guns... tanks....

This depression on the ground is where a cannonball was actually dropped.

The ruins were a thrill to see.
There were museums...
and memorials.

For an additional P150 per head, we got to see the Light and Sound show inside the Malinta Tunnel. Though very informative, the whole show lacked the excitement and life. That was just it, lights and sound. The dioramas looked to puppet-y in my opinion.
The only thrilling thing about the whole Malinta Tunnel treat is the actual physical experience of being right there where the battle took place.

We braved the summer heat just to see Corregidor. It was tiring and dehydrating but very informative and enlightening.

That night, I said a little special prayer for our brave heroes who fought for our country in the war that was. If it weren't for them, our generation would not be enjoying what we are in our free world today.

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