Sunday, April 22, 2007

Red Ribbon

I love cakes. Cakes always perk me up. They always bring out the birthday girl in me. Whenever I've had a bad day, a slice would almost always be able to cheer me up. And whenever I crave for something sweet and baked, I go to Red Ribbon.

It is amazing how Red Ribbon comes up with these delicious cakes at such affordable prices!

When Mon made some adjustments in our work schedule, this branch of Red Ribbon saw me a lot this week . My husband's clinic is right across from it along Dona Soledad Avenue in Better Living and here is where I indulged myself willfully and guiltily while waiting for him get off from work.

How can I not feel guilty after these...

Chocolate Mousse used to be my favorite at Red Ribbon. But their Tiramisu Meltdown easily changed my mind. It is like their regular Black Forest sans the rhum taste that i dislike. It took me less than 5 minutes to finish it.

Another day saw me craving for their Mango cake. But when I walked in, the only available cake was their Choco Mocha Crunch. Now this did not have me jumping for joy. The choco part was alright. The mocha part was alright. But the crunch part was so not right for me. The cake came with this chunk of caramel cubes stuck to each other and sitting on top of the slice looking like small bits of the candy bar, Violet Crumble.

As expected, that chunk never left my plate.

Still on another day, I had a slice of their Marjolaine Cake. This is like a version of sansrival with layers and layers of soft wafer with nuts and cream filling in between. More nuts and choco bits coat the whole cake. I would have wanted this served cold just like sansrival. But overall, it is still one delicious cake.

These are just some of my life's simple treats.


  1. How on earth were you able to take pictures inside the Red Ribbon. The nearest branch where I live, N.S. Amoranto and D. Tuazon -- stopped me from taking a picture with my phonecam of a cake I just bought from them. Insane!

    I love cakes and pastries so much that I took up a week-long baking course in Diliman just to demystify the process for myself. Easy lang pala, but I don't have an oven so, I never got to practice it.

    Ala, I'm craving for a piece of cake na! Hahaha.

  2. hey youre up early! good sunday morning to you! well, i guess the crew at the Better Living branch was a lot more friendly than the crew in Retiro. either that or i am the one who looks unfriendly and unapproachable. hehehe!

  3. Yummmmmmy ulit! Natatakam talaga ako everytime I check your blog.

  4. aha! mahilig din po pala kayo sa sweets???!!!

    ang sarap talaga ng marjolaine... Ü

  5. waaah yun favorite part ko yun ayaw mo (yun mala-Violet Crumble) hahahha =)

  6. hi gita, i hopped from SenorEnrique's blog.

    i miss the pastries and cakes of red ribbon =) especially the sweets! yum!

    but my fave has to be the chocolate mousse. oh! and a cup of their hot choco =D

  7. hi twinnie!

    i also crave for red ribbon cakes once in a while. and i agree with you that Tiramisu Meltdown is one of red ribbon's very best cake, if not the best

    my dad (r.i.p.) and i used to gobble one whole coffee crunch cake. and now they have the choco variety....koool =)

  8. sis twinnie! im sooo glad you dropped by! miss ya!
    oo, red ribbon is one of the best cakehouses for me. affordable pati kasi. yan ang latest tambayan ko ngayon, kaya ako lumalapad...hehehe....

  9. ^korekto! (heh heh)

    so far, red ribbon cakes are affordable and satisfying to our taste buds, without the "pinch". i always experience heaven on earth after gulping a piece of that Tiramisu Meltdown

    ...altho the Chocolate Marjolaine was a big disappointment huh

  10. nicey nice kasi ang presentation ng Marjolaine no? pero i would have wanted it served cold. kasi parang sansrival tuloy sha na naiwan at room temp...

  11. the TV commercial made it look so delectable kasi, kaya can't help trying it out. i agree that it should be served "icy cold"

  12. I so love Red Ribbon's choco-mocha crunch, ube roll & coffee crunch! My latest addiction is their Banoffee Pie! :D

  13. u8mypinkcookies, i am such a fan of Red Ribbon. in fact, im a regular at the dona soledad branch almost every afternoon.. bad for my figure, indeed! it is right across kasi from my hubby's workplace. i wait there. bad...