Thursday, April 19, 2007

USS Arizona Memorial

Our trip to Manila American Cemetery and Memorial last April 1 made me recall our visit to the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii some years back. Both memorials share the same serene and tranquil feel.

The tour is free. We just drove up to the place, parked and took a short walk to the first stop, the Visitor center. Only personal cameras are allowed inside. Bags, backpacks, and purses are not. This was strictly implemented and everyone followed.

We lined up for our numbered tickets that served as our free admission. Once inside the Visitor Center, we were practically free to explore the place which had a museum, an exhibit and a small bookshop. We were also free to walk around the grounds.

The actual tour starts with a 20 minute documentary film about that fateful day Pearl Harbor was attacked. We entered the theater by groups based on our numbered tickets. Afterwards, we waited for our boat ride that would take us to the memorial.

It was a quick boat ride.

This is the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. More than a million people visit this each year. And Mon and I were honored to be included in the long list. This is actually both a memorial and a resting place of the men aboard the USS Arizona in 1941 because it was designed to be built right on top of the sunken battleship.

Once we reached it, we were free to explore the Memorial by ourselves.

This is the great marble wall where the names of the sailors and marines who died where carved.

I forgot what part of the ship this is right behind Mon; it is the only part of the actual battleship that remains visible above the level of the water.

There is this open area in the center of the Memorial where people can actually look below and try to see the remains of the battleship.

Sunshine filtered thru the open roofing as an American flag proudly danced in the wind.Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial was a solemn experience for us. And seeing how the American government and its people pay their respects and how they remember their departed heroes leaves we me with a sad heart at how we treat or maltreat our own.


  1. Aloha ~ I really enjoyed reading about your trip to the USS Arizona Memorial on your recent trip to Honolulu and I have added your blog entry as a trackback at I particularly agree with your final reflection that it is a very solemn experience - in fact, the Arizona staff encourage no talking whatsoever to give visitors a chance to ponder their own thoughts. Very nice post.

  2. going2oahu, thanks for dropping by. USS Arizona Memorial is one of the places i wont forget. it was really a great experience. ;-)