Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gadgets I Cannot Live Without

There are only a few things I carry with me in my bag. And the following gadgets top my list. Other than my wallet which holds my moolah for the day and my driver's license, a lipgloss and a comb, these three things are the only ones that can make me turn the car around in the morning should I forget anyone of them at home.

I am not one who goes for the top of the line models in gadgets. For as long as a gadget fits my lifestyle, is easy to use and has all the basic features I need, I am happy with it.

This is my Samsung D500, one of the smallest cellphones I have owned. And this is the phone that has stayed with me the longest to date. A cellphone keeps me secure knowing that I am just a button away from family whenever I need help of any kind. And knowing I am just a call away if I am needed. Leaving the house without it make me feel isolated and lost really.

I have the cheapest PDA in town. I have a Palm z22 which for some is probably for kids and teens. But this tiny little bugger does me a ton of help! From Things to Do, Bring, Pay and Buy, to a record of all my bank accounts and passwords, and even a record of my daily itemized budget and expenses. I have learned to stop bringing paper with me now because my PDA lists down everything for me.... practically anything you could list down, it is all in my Palm. It is my Life Scheduler! I just know that if I forget this at home, my day is going to be quite a mess.

I got my new point and shoot last February and since then, I have always carried it with me in my bag. I am such a photo hobbyist that I click and shoot at anything that catches my eye; anything that would interest me, no matter how mundane it may seem. My camera documents my life paused and captured in color. It shows my life the way I see it thru my viewfinder. Every press I make on that shutter gives me that thrill that I am able to freeze yet again a fleeting moment of my journey in life that I can share to everyone thru my blog.

This is not exactly an electronic gadget but it is definitely a mainstay in my bag. Knowing I have this with me during the day gives me a sense of security somehow that I have some sort of protection with me at all times. Plus, it is really handy to have a swiss army knife for those little fixes I might need to do.

Times have really changed since my younger years, and how. These gadgets were merely figments of imagination in my time. And I can't believe that I have lived to enjoy them.


  1. noong time namin, yang swiss knife ang uso. paramihan ng tools at kung ano pa yung kasali sa loob ng knife. Yung pinaka sikat noon ay yung may payong.

  2. swiss knife na may payong??? meron pala nun! hehehe... akala ko weird na yung may lagare, meron pa palang model na may payong!

  3. yan ang joke ng mga natatalbugan sa paramihan ng items sa swiss knife noong late 80's at early 90's. Kapag natalbogan, sasabihin may kasamang payong, kapag hinanap, sasabihin nasa kotse, hehehe