Monday, April 23, 2007

McDonald's McRice Burger and Others

This is often what's on my tray when I go for a McDonald's treat.

Not all McDonald's outlets have milkshakes on their menu so I always grab one whenever it is on. The milkshake is a little short on creaminess and chocolatiness, but hey, for P39 bucks, how can I complain!

When Mon saw this on the menu, he was eager to try it. I wasn't too adventurous so I stuck with my usual order.

In the box....

and immediately out of it....

Before biting into it....

..... and after.

Mon was worried that the rice wouldn't stick very well and would be crumbly and fall apart. Yet surprisingly, the rice held on to each other for dear life the whole time! Not a single grain out of place.

We both guessed that these black thingies on top are roasted sesame seeds and not what they seem to be. Some would probably find these a bit unappetizing.

But appetizing or not, as long as it is big in taste, it is good down to the last bite.

Papara pa pa... love ko to.
(McDonald's At Macapagal Hi-way)


  1. I like McBurger Rice too! Especially the beef variety. You should have tried it too. :D

  2. tingin ko dapat k ng tikman toh... mukhang di naman pangit ang lasa.
    palagi kong nakikita pero di ako nagttry baka di ko makain, madami pa namang nagugutoman ngayon.. Ü

  3. mimi, papa said masarap naman daw. weird lang daw na youre eating burger pero youre chewing on rice. he didnt know if he had rice for lunch or sandwich. hahaha...

  4. Salisbury Steak is to NYC what McDonald's and Jolibee's steak burgers with rice are here in Manila, which I enjoy every now and then :)

    Not bad, actually.

  5. Pahabol:

    The McRice I'm yet to taste, which I will soon after seeing your photographs :)

  6. Hi!

    I just hopped on over from Señor Enrique's blog then I saw this cool post on McDo milkshakes. Question: Anong branch meron? =)

    Great pics! =)

  7. hi houseband00! thanks for dropping by.
    sorry i forgot to write pala which branch we ate at.... it is the branch along Macapagal Boulevard; beside the gasoline station farthest from MOA and nearast Coastal mall.
    i better add it to the post. thanks for pointing it out!

  8. Gita! Ang ganda ng mga shots mo! :) Napapa-McDo narin ata ako! Hahaha..

  9. sis candishhh, pattsamba tsamba lang yang shots ko. kaya pag nakaka swerte ng medyo maganda, pinopost ko agad, hehehe...
    thanks for dropping by. have a nice day!

  10. Anu ba yan, puro pagkains, bogchi at lafang naman yung blag mo, he-he-he! Food addict [pero bakit mukhang sexy pa rin yung pic ng muka mo na nakapost sa blag? Updated ba yung pic mo? Langhiya, tinakaw mo lang ako .... ikain mo naman ako ng Max's fried chicken at chicken mo on your next binge, yahu, saraaaap!

  11. He-he-he, MALI. I mean, CHICKEN JOY, hindi chicken mo [ayan, kasi hindi ako nakakakain ng maayos kakaalaga ng kambal na baby, hehehe!]

  12. hey delpogi, ikaw ba yan! salamat sa pagdalaw ha. yaan mo, jollibee gusto mo, jollibee youll get soon. sa picture nga lang, hehehe...
    sus, fez lang ang sexy kuno. kaya nga yun lang nasa photo. pag wangkata na, del, korteng jellybeans na. hahaha...
    always drop by ha. hug the twins for me and regards to wifey!

  13. Oh my gush! you make me crave for mcdo..u know what its one of my cravings now that I am, seldom i can go to mcdonald..for one, its far from my place..second, mcdonalds here is quite expensive than in pinas. 'diko pa na try rice burger nila.. wala yan d2.
    Thank's for dropping by at my site. Would u mind if i add you to my links? Take care!

  14. sis padalhan kita ng mga pics ng fud na pwede mo order sa macdo dito :) matutuwa ha hehehe