Monday, April 30, 2007


For my father in law's birthday dinner last April 15, we opted to go to Mall of Asia on a Sunday. And as expected, the place was teeming with people. We walked around and decided to enter the first restaurant we would find with available seats. Lucky for Mongkok, it was the nearest one around.

We ordered our usual favorites.... a pansit since it was a birthday dinner, fried rice, a seafood dish, a meat dish and a vegetable dish.

The dimsum cart was just nearby so we gave it a try too.

Their chicken feet dimsum was alright; not the best but just alright; the siomai was good, neither was it the best, but at least good. But the shrimp dumplings didn't quite make it to my good-enough criteria. The wrapping was too rubbery and stale that I felt like it had been in the cart for quite sometime.

Their Yang Chow was a bit on the salty side.

I liked their Fish with Tausi Sauce. A little sweet.

This is their Sauteed Mixed Vegatables. It was good. The veggies were not overdone with just the right bite in them.

The Pancit Canton (Chow Mein) didn't impress me. It lacked flavor and kick, to me at least.

We don't usually order Pata Tim but that night, we were adventurous enough to try. Unfortunately, it didn't wow me. The size of the pata was big enough for the four of us but more than half of it was left untouched. Something about the flavor just wasn't right. A little bland, I think.

I have tried Mongkok in Rockwell and I liked it there. Of course my order then was different from what we ordered tonight, so I don't really know if it was our food choices or the branch that didn't fare very well with me. Will I give Mongkok another try? Maybe at Rockwell.... Or maybe not.


  1. naglalaway ako sa mga pictures ng chicken feet at shrimp dumpling. Yung pinaka na natikman kong pata tim ay sa Ding Hao, sa may Calamba. Ewan kung bukas pa yon. Matagal na akong di nakakapasyal sa Calamba. Have tried Hap Chang? Yung nasa West Ave. QC?

  2. bernie, naririnig ko din yang ding hao na yan... papuntang los banos ata yan diba. but i havent tried it there yet. dunno din kung meron pa. hap chang is ok. pero like pa din namn ang Sanly at Mann hann. It is in my old posts. check em out.

  3. Mongkok is just fantastic. Although, the best so far for my son and I is President in Chinatown. You guys should try it. =)

    Thanks for the Mcdo tip pala. =)

  4. with all the good word we hear around about President Restaurant, im so interested na to try it... will do sometime. sana madaling hanapin and hindi traffic.
    thanks for the tip!

  5. in the 80's, meron sa Binondo area, yung tinatawag nilang Estero. Its like a fastfood center and everything is chinese sa tabi ng estero. Malinis naman yung area pero amoy na amoy mo yung estero kapag katatapos ng ulan. Masarap naman yung mga luto nila noon. Hindi namin alam kung ano ang pangalan ng dishes basta turo ka lang. Yung fried rice nila may mani. May isda in different sauces and vegetable garnish. Ang mga naglalagi dyan yung mga mekaniko na may binibiling spare parts sa dami ng auto supply stores. Pinagbalwal kaya yon o basta na lang nawala as in it died a natural death? I don't know. Baka may makabasa na alam din yung estero noon.

  6. hey there twinnie!

    i posted a comment on MongKok yesterday. wonder where the comment went?

    anyway, the best branch is still at the PowerPlant Mall. probably becoz that's their orig branch

  7. twinnie! parang red ribbon lang ang na-read ko yesterday. are you sure it got posted? baka hindi mo na finish ang publishing step... :-(

  8. ^hah hah

    now i remember. i think i clicked the preview button. tapos i logged out from your blog right after

    heh heh. ang shonga shonga ko talaga. iba na ang 1st time nag po post on a blog ano? =)

  9. mom & i tried this din sa glorietta 5.. chow mein, okay lang naman.. she ordered pork siomai and hakaw also (w/c i wasn't able to try na)..

    big servings sya pero food was just average.

  10. biancs, nothing spectacular sa food no? average lang nga... price is competitive, though. not very mahal, right?